7'' MATLISOM Matress

What is a MATLISOM Matress?

A natural mattress in organic latex, that is healthy and comfortable.

By design, our mattress provides excellent support and an optimal sleeping position while minimizing pressure points in order to promote the best possible blood circulation.

The heat and humidity released by your body during your sleep are quickly evacuated, which gives you a comfortable sleep and creates an environment much less favorable to the development of mites and other microbes living in mattresses.

Our mattresses are meticulously manufactured, by hand, according to our artisanal technique with very strict criteria. Their interior is made exclusively of organic latex foam on which two widths of virgin wool are laied. The whole is covered with an envelope in 100% organic cotton, unbleached and without any chemical treatement.

Our mattresses do not contain any urethane foam, viscose (memory foam), wire mesh, springs or synthetic fabrics.

The high quality latex foam used in the manufacturing of our mattresses is produced according to the Dunlop process which ensures a latex of constant density provided with superior elasticity and longevity.

Because of its excellent resilience (ability of latex foam to return to its original shape after being compressed even after several years of use), our mattress never needs to be turned head-to-toe or upside-down. below.

In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we have no network of resellers and our mattresses are made to order.

They are easily transported in most cars because they can be folded in half.

Dream bed and bed side table

To SLEEP differently ... better!

The "Dream Bed" is an ultra-comfortable and ecological bed made of noble and organic materials.

It consists of three main elements: the base in solid ash, the mattress of organic latex, virgin wool and 100% organic cotton, then between the two, the suspension composed of box springs of wooden slats placed on latex tubes .

We have chosen not to use synthetic materials, which have the annoying habit of charging static electricity, a long-term irritant for the nervous system and which interfere with the free circulation of subtle energies. We use no metallic structures. , trellis and mattress springs which disrupt the passage of the earth's magnetic field and also act as an antenna which collects and concentrates the electromagnetic fields surrounding in your bed.

Original qualities of the "Dream Bed"

Construction of the "Dream Bed"

The bed is symbolically constructed like a tree with a head and a foot and an interior / exterior. It is designed to capture telluric and cosmic energy to make it available to the sleeper. In this way, the physical body and the energetic bodies are in regeneration mode.

All the materials are meticulously chosen and arranged so as to ensure physical and energetic harmony for the whole. The natural sequence of alternating polarities (negative, positive, negative, etc.) ensures good energy circulation and avoids blockages and the accumulation of negative energy and memories in certain places of the bed as is so often the case. in modern beds. We can say, in figurative form, that the "Dream Bed" is self-cleaning.

In addition, by its unique design, even if the "Dream Bed" is not oriented to the north, the head of the bed still connects to the north so that we are charged with earth magnetism during sleep.

Price and services

The base, completely removable, is entirely made of ash, symbol of the Tree of Life in Nordic mythology. It is oiled with a mixture of mineral, vegetable and essential oils in order to nourish the wood well so that it can radiate its vibratory qualities and remain alive.

The suspension, for a single bed, is composed of 3 latex tubes on which rests a horizontal ladder of 36 wooden slats connected together. In a double bed, there are two sets of slats on 6 latex tubes. These box springs have the properties of supporting and marrying each shape of the body of each sleeper, which provides unparalleled comfort and support.

The mattress (4 '' thick for the original size) is made of organic latex, virgin wool and 100% organic cotton not chemically treated. It is built with the same care as the Matlison mattress, but in addition, it is polarized: which ensures the passage of subtle energies. It is thinner than the Matlisom alone, because in the case of the bed, the mattress only serves to give a soft side to the whole. The support is provided by the box springs and the suspension. You can choose a 7 '' mattress on your Dream Bed, but we recommend the original size.

The "Dream Bed" is offered in several models: single, single long, double, Queen and King. We suggest you come and see and try a Queen size bed in store. We will take the time to give you all the explanations on the design and operation of the bed. 1 866-450-3480 or 450-521-7757

The asking price for these beds includes: the base, the suspension, the mattress, the oil finish on all the wood and, finally, the explanations of the operation and the assembly / disassembly of the bed.

Check our online store for prices.

Bed side table

An ash bedside table is also offered

Dimensions are 17 "x 14" x 22 "high.

2 different models are available:

- Simple bedside table:
available individually or by pair

- Bedside table with drawer:
available individually or by pair

Made to order only

50% deposit on order
and 50% upon taking possession.

As the bed comes apart completely
and the mattress folds easily,
it is easy to transport in most cars with the rear seat folded down.

Delivery, at buyer's expense, is also available
within a 1500 km radius of Granby.
Provide variable fees depending on the distance to travel from Granby.

Allow an approximate manufacturing time of 1 week for mattresses and 3 weeks for bed and bedside table.