Dream bed

Matlison matress (organic latex)

To SLEEP differently ... BETTER!

The healthy, all natural, comfortable and harmonious bed that takes care of your physical body and your energetic bodies.

The bed’s design and materials have been chosen and arranged to ensure the physical and energetic harmony of the set which is composed of a solid ash base, a wooden slatted base on a latex tube suspension and a premium organic latex mattress.

An appointment to try a bed or a mattress is a simple call away. It will be my pleasure to coordinate a meeting of a singular and unique experience.

Ecological oils

To protect and beautify your wood while preserving your health!

Made in Quebec, the EcoSelection oils as well as waxes, soaps and thinners offer finishing solutions for wood, concrete, slate, hemp and lime finishes. They offer a range of advantages such as: Easy application and maintenance, resistant and durable, they keep the natural and warm appearance of the wood. The products are insensitive to dust and repairs are possible even after several months, depending on the application. The citrus smell is pleasant but the products can be subjected to frost ...